First of the year

I began really teaching right after Spring Break last year.  I thought it would be difficult to come in and replace a teacher.  This particular teacher was also very well liked by the students.  Turns out, this school has an amazing group of students.  They didn't really give me flack when I started.  In fact, some were extremely helpful and awesome and I am forever indebted to them.

Fast forward through the summer (because it really was like it was fast forward) and the beginning of the is suddenly upon me.  I am not sure if every beginning of the year is like this, but for me it has been rocky at times.  My momentum has been stunted at times, not because I don't want to be there, but because of different blockades that were unforeseen.  The lovely and accepting students (some of whom have moved on to college or other schools) have not been as prevalent (although MANY are just as fabulous as they were in the beginning).  I am not having a terrible time with most students, but there are a few who are testing me for sure.   Needless to say, it has been much harder starting at the beginning than it was previously to start near the end.

At the same time, I would not change a thing about it.  I told my "boss" the other day that even on the days when it's really hard I still want to be there more than anywhere else.  It is what I want.  It is good and I am good with it.  Here I am working my way through lesson planning and in many cases ten year old books.  But I am doing and it and for the most part, with some amount of grace and finesse.  And I have already had some of those times that you hear about, that you fantasize about having.  The students telling you how great you are and giving you praise that you couldn't imagine.  Like last year at graduation, after having only had me as her teacher for about 8 weeks, a student yelled out with enthusiasm about how great I was at not only teaching her scholarly things, but helping her with life stuff!  She yelled out enthusiastically about a couple of other teachers too, BUT ONE OF THEM WAS ME!!!!!!

So far the best part about teaching is all the learning I get to do.


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