The importance of prefixes

I gave my sophomore English classes a list of prefixes to learn.  These go along with some of the Greek and Latin roots we will be learning.  When I handed these out, there were several students who scoffed.  One comment I heard was "uh, we learned this in first grade."  That was from a student I like to call "Homeschool."  I knew they had NOT learned these in first grade, nevertheless, they had two weeks, I repeat, TWO WEEKS to study these prefixes.  Now prefixes seem quite simple at first. You've got pre, post, in, im, things like that.  But on the other hand you've got ante, trans, amphi and ones like these.  And yes, for amphi one of the answers given was frog.  Many students did not look at these prefixes at all until the day of the quiz when I gave them 15 minutes (yes, I AM quite generous) to look over them.  Although the one student I expected to do well made a 100, most students did not do very well at all.  The one who made the comment of learning this is first grade got a grade of 48.  SUCKA!  Progress reports out yesterday show that this quiz has left many a good student with a failing grade.  Oops.
We have moved on to suffixes.  Our quiz for these is on Friday.  We'll see what happens.  I wonder if little Miss Homeschool will do any better on this one.


Amber said...


cynthia said...

That's right. HOMESCHOOL.

Dawn Farias said...

Hey now, don't knock homeschooling! You would never see a properly homeschooled kid in your class, KWIM? She'd probably still be at home. ;)

Dawn Farias said...

Ha! I'm back to clarify something: while I do homeschool our oldest kids, everyday I have to renew my commitment to it. So, don't think I'm a die-hard everyone-should-homeschool person. It's hard being surrounded by little people all day.

They yell a lot.

cynthia said...

I believe Dawn, that you are a rarity as someone who homeschools properly. I think, from my experience, that many parents are lazy about this. You also have a teaching degree and taught other than just your children. Heck, you have a college degree, which is more than some "homeschoolers." I know there are good ones out there, but there are a few in our school who have been done a disservice. I have read some of your blog and also know you from school, so I know that you are an intelligent person and all that kind of stuff.

We really just make fun of this girl because she pretends like she knows everything. She called me (not to my face) retarded to another student. She also dresses like she lives at the Ren Faire. So yeah. Don't worry, we know you exist, you worthy homeschoolers. :)

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