Just a thought

I realized today that I separate what I do from the term "work."  I never say I'm going to work.  I say I'm going to school or I'm going to teach.  Work is not what I call it.  I think for some people it is or becomes work in the normal, regular I-don't-love-my-job way.  I also don't call it a job.  It is school.  It is teaching.  It is leading.  It is learning.  And I like it thataway.


Meg said...

I totally agree. I never feel like I'm going to work at our school. I also don't have one a "uhhhh I don't want to gooooo" moment every morning like I did at my last job. We are pretty lucky. Our school is awesome :)

- Megan

cynthia said...

So true. A lot of it is probably where we work. We don't have to deal with some of the junk that a lot of the other schools have to. We are certainly lucky.

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